Blast Mitigation

Proven Technology

We offer the most comprehensive collection of blast-resistant curtain wall and window wall, architectural windows, storefronts, entrances, skylights and architectural glass. In addition, we have invested significantly in designing our complete line of systems and testing them to meet the specific threat levels and requirements detailed under ASTM, DoD and GSA standards.

Performance and Aesthetics

Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope® incorporates the latest advances and technologies to meet your expectations for high performance. Applying best practices for integrated systems designed for specific requirements, our products are engineered and tested to withstand hurricane events.

Energy Dissipation

This new technology utilizes frames, glazing, hardware and anchoring systems as energy dissipating components. Once hit by the blast wave, dynamic loading components gradually absorb a significant portion of the blast energy. Security and architectural performance is a priority of our engineers and design teams.

Blast Mitigation
Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope® is an unquestionable leader in blast mitigation technology. Our products include blast mitigation architectural glass, blast mitigation curtain wall, windows, entrances and storefronts. Our exclusive BlastMax meets the most stringent codes for blast resistance.




Blast Mitigation Glass

Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope®'s blast-resistant laminated glass is an excellent glazing choice in all types of buildings that may be subjected to bomb blasts. The tough plastic interlayer holds the glass together after an impact, and with the proper framing systems, the glazing will be retained in the opening. Thus, the amount of flying glass, as well as the consequential injuries, can be dramatically reduced.

BRW-500 BlastMax®

After extensive blast arena testing the BRW-500 ribbon window system has proven to be a high performance system that meets the most stringent standards of ASTM, GSA and UFC.

FG-5100 BlastMax®

Is a 2 ½” X 5” Blast storefront system glazed with insulating laminated glass

FG-5100T BlastMax®

Is a 2 ½” X 5” Blast thermally broken storefront system glazed with insulating laminated glass

MSD-375 BlastMax®

Blast arena tested entrances which offer a variety of hardware options & configurations.

Reliance™ BlastMax®

Reliance™ BlastMax® series is a 2-1/2” X 7-1/2” blast resistant curtain wall system designed to meet the demanding test standards of ASTM, GSA and DoD.

ZS-2750 BlastMax®

Frame: 3" depth
Sash 2-5/8" depth
Tubular sash
CW insert and flat back perimeter frames