We’re not just making sustainable products -we’re focusing on the future of energy.

Leadership Position

We believe imagination, ingenuity and vision can create environments conducive to innovation. The programs, conferences and cultural institutions we support encourage the kind of thought leadership that is an integral part of who we are and will continue to be.

Our Process

The only computer aided three-dimensional interactive design and energy application for the architectural and construction industry.


GlasSelect® Our patented tool makes specifying glass easier by matching performance criteria with the desired aesthetic solution.

LEED® Projects

We are proud to be a part of many prominent LEED® projects

Our Products

We are commited to creating products that not only satisfy LEED® but our own sustainability standards. Our exclusive Reliance™ HTC meets the most stringent thermal performance requirements. Add to that, our Solar Shelf™ and Solar Eclipse™ Sun Controls and reduce energy consumption and solar heat gain.