Testimonial - Costas Kondylis

on Atelier

“Each Atelier residence features dramatic windows. And the windows on a luxury high-rise are like components on a fine automobile. When you touch and operate them, you make a determination about the overall quality of the building. We reviewed many mock-ups and were very satisfied with Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope®’s commitment to quality and craftsmanship,” comments Costas Kondylis, Design Architect.

Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope® custom-engineered and manufactured more than 173,000 sq. ft. of architectural windows for Atelier. Each of the windows was mocked-up and tested, then inserted into a customized receptor system. High-performance, hinged and glazed terrace doors were custom-engineered and manufactured by Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope® for Atelier. High-performance thermal breaks align with a custom center-seal, creating a frost-resistant chamber during cold weather. All insulating glass units on Atelier were custom-manufactured by Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope® and are comprised of solar control low-e glass. The neutral, high-performance low-e glass combines a pleasing, neutral-colored appearance with exceptional solar energy control.

Costas Kondylis and Partners LLP