We attempt to destroy all of our products to prove a point: Just how indestructible they are. To ensure each system offers the highest level of delayed forced entry, we test our frame, entrance and glass together against multiple attacks – from bullets and bricks to sledgehammers – to name a few. No one does more to protect what you value most.

Whether for a school or a hospital, a retrofit or a new building, our forced-entry-resistant glass and glazing systems, ArmorGarde and ArmorDefend, are tested to, and above, recognized industry standards so you can specify and install with confidence.

Single-source glass and glazing systems tested together to go above minimum industry test levels.

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Forced-entry-resistant security storefront system with our proprietary ArmorGarde glass.


ArmorDefend Plus

Enhanced forced-entry-resistant security storefront system with our proprietary ArmorGardeglass.



Forced-entry-resistant proprietary glass makeup, delaying entry and providing valuable time to first-responders.


ArmorGarde Plus

Enhanced forced-entry-resistant proprietary glass makeup, delaying entry and providing valuable time to first-responders.


ArmorDefend Entrance

Forced-entry-resistant entrance system glazed with ArmorGarde glass, designed to delay entry for a variety of applications.





ArmorGarde and ArmorGarde Plus, our laminated glass with proprietary makeup, remain an integral part of the system after impact.



We design and test ArmorDefend and ArmorDefend Plus thermally broken storefronts with ArmorGarde glass to deliver a complete delayed forced-entry system.



ArmorDefend entrances, available in medium stile and wide stile doors with panic hardware, withstand impact and delay forced entry.

Security is in the details, and we sweat every single one.


ASTM E2395 – Tests glazing and frame resistance

We use heavier, higher velocity missiles per ASTM E1996 – the Elevated Missile Impact portion of ASTM E2395.

ArmorDefend storefront: Performance Level 5 with Elevated Missile Impact Level D    ArmorDefend Plus storefront: Performance Level 5 with up to Elevated Missile Impact Level E

ASTM F1233 – Tests glazing resistance to items like ball peen hammers, pipes and extinguishers. Higher classes resist more challenging impacts


ArmorGarde : Class 1.4 HG3 (9mm handgun)
ArmorGarde Plus: Class 1.4 HG3 (9mm handgun)

5-aa1 – Measures time to failure for glazing impacted by common items like bricks and bats.


ArmorGarde : 6 mins 43 seconds.
ArmorGarde Plus: 13 mins 8 seconds – Lab Technician unable to continue due to exhaustion.

To ensure resistance to forced entry, independent, certified labs test our glass and glazing systems together using industry-recognized standards so you can have confidence in the products you specify.


ArmorDefend Storefront System

Designed with our ArmorGardeinsulating glass units.
2″ Sight Line; 4-½″ Depth
Wet and dry glaze options

ArmorDefend Plus Storefront System

Featuring ArmorGarde or ArmorGarde Plus insulating glass units
2-½″ Sight Line; 5″ Depth
Wet and dry glaze options

ArmorGarde and ArmorGarde Plus Glass

Two enhanced security level options
Various tints and Low-E coatings
Proprietary glass makeups provide protection from harmful UV rays and improved sound reduction
1″ or greater insulating glass units
Monolithic and insulating glass units for retrofit applications

Strong enough to protect what matters. Flexible enough for a variety of applications.

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