ZS-2750 Project Out StormMax®

The ZS-2750 is designed to accommodate the desire for fresh air ventilation without the sightline of a conventional inserted aluminum window, allowing the end user all of the benefits of a commercial window without compromising the aesthetics of the building. The window is specifically designed to be inserted into storefront and curtain wall framing. It has been tested to the meet the demanding requirements of the Florida and International building codes.

Zero Sightline 2750

Product Features [+][-]

  • Frame: 3″ depth
  • Sash 2-5/8″ depth
  • Tubular sash
  • CW insert and flat back perimeter frames
  • Sash is corner-keyed, sealed and hydraulically staked
  • Replaceable, high quality compression seals
  • Stainless steel four-bar hinges
  • High quality cam and multi-point locks
  • In-house anodized and organic finishes

Product Performance [+][-]

  • Air Infiltration: Passed at 1.57 and 6.24 PSF per TAS-202 and ASTM E 283
  • Static Water: 15 PSF per TAS-202 and ASTM E 331
  • Structural Load +/- 60 PSF per ASTM E330
  • Large Missile and Cycling +/- 60 PSF per TAS-201, TAS-203 and ASTM E 1886 and ASTM E 1996

Product Testing [+][-]

  • Florida Building Code TAS-201, TAS-202, TAS-203
  • ASTM E 1886, E 1996

Product Details

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Signature StormMax® ZS-2750: OP001
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