The ICR-225 Thermally Improved Window Wall from Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope® offers two system depths for greater design flexibility. The ICR-225 system is available in both 4-1/2" and 6" system depths with Type “A” and Type “B” installations for each depth. The Type “A” system offers screw spline assembly with the verticals running through, while the Type “B” system offers traditional design with continuous head and sill members. Incidental water control is available for Type “B” systems when the alternate head detail is used. The ICR-225 Window Wall system offers a full line of accessories to accommodate various door framing and anchoring options.

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    ICR-225 A 450PDF icon PDFPackage icon ZIP

    • Elev-ICR225-System-A-450in-Wall (DWG)
      H7701-Head Horizontal (DWG)
      H7702-Intermediate Horizontal (DWG)
      H7703-Sill Horizontal (DWG)
      H7704-Reglazed Head (DWG)
      H7705-Reglazed Horizontal (DWG)
      H7707-Intermediate Horizontal (DWG)
      H7708-Head Horizontal (DWG)
      H7709-Intermediate Horizontal (DWG)
      H7711-Horiz at Operable Window (DWG)
      H7712-Sill at Operable Window (DWG)
      H7741-Head Horizontal (DWG)
      H7742-Intermediate Horizontal (DWG)
      H7743-Siill Horizontal (DWG)
      H7744-Intermediate Horizontal (DWG)
      V7701-Jamb Mullion (DWG)
      V7702-Vertical Mullion (DWG)
      V7704-Vertical Mullion (DWG)
      V7708-90 Outside Corner (DWG)
      V7709-90 Inside Corner (DWG)
      V7711-135 Outside Corner (DWG)
      V7712-135 Inside Corner (DWG)
      V7714-Vert at Operable Window (DWG)
      V7742-SSG Vertical Mullion (DWG)
      V7743-SSG Vertical Mullion (DWG)
      V7744-SSG Vertical Mullion (DWG)
      V7745-SSG Vert at Operable Window (DWG)

    ICR-225 A 600PDF icon PDFPackage icon ZIP

    • Elev-ICR225-System-A-6in-Wall (DWG)
      H8701-Head Horizontal (DWG)
      H8702-Intermediate Horizontal (DWG)
      H8703-Sill Horizontal (DWG)
      H8704-Reglazed Head (DWG)
      H8705-Reglazed Horizontal (DWG)
      H8707-Intermediate Horizontal (DWG)
      H8708-Head Horizontal (DWG)
      H8709-Intermediate Horizontal (DWG)
      H8711-Operable Window Horiz (DWG)
      H8712-Operable Window Sill (DWG)
      H8741-Head Horizontal (DWG)
      H8742-Intermediate Horizontal (DWG)
      H8743-Sill Horizontal (DWG)
      H8744-Intermediate Horizontal (DWG)
      V8701-Vertical Jamb (DWG)
      V8702-Vertical Mullion (DWG)
      V8704-Vertical Mullion (DWG)
      V8708-90 Outside Corner (DWG)
      V8709-90 Inside Corner (DWG)
      V8711-135 Outside Corner (DWG)
      V8712-135 Inside Corner (DWG)
      V8714-Operable Window Vertical (DWG)
      V8742-SSG Vertical Mullion (DWG)
      V8743-SSG Vertical Mullion (DWG)
      V8744-SSG Vertical Mullion (DWG)
      V8745-Operable Window SSG Mullion (DWG)

    ICR-225 B 450PDF icon PDFPackage icon ZIP

    • Elev-ICR225-System-B-450in-Wall (DWG)
      H7707-Intermediate Horizontal (DWG)
      H7751-Head Horizontal (DWG)
      H7753-Sill Horizontal (DWG)
      H7754-Reglazed Head (DWG)
      H7755-Reglazed Horizontal (DWG)
      H7756-Head Horizontal (DWG)
      H7758-Head Horizontal (DWG)
      H7759-Intermediate Horizontal (DWG)
      H7761-Horiz at Operable Window (DWG)
      H7762-Sill at Operable Window (DWG)
      H7765-Splice at Head (DWG)
      H7766-Splice at Sill (DWG)
      H7772-Intermediate Horizontal (DWG)
      H7774-Intermediate Horizontal (DWG)
      V7751-Jamb Mullion (DWG)
      V7752-Vertical Mullion (DWG)
      V7754-Vertical Mullion (DWG)
      V7758-90 Outside Corner (DWG)
      V7759-90 Inside Corner (DWG)
      V7761-135 Outside Corner (DWG)
      V7762-135 Inside Corner (DWG)
      V7764-Vert at Operable Window (DWG)
      V7772-SSG Vertical Mullion (DWG)
      V7773-SSG Vertical Mullion (DWG)
      V7774-SSG Vertical Mullion (DWG)
      V7775-SSG at Operable Window (DWG)
      V7776-SSG 90 Outside Corner (DWG)
      V7777-SSG 90 Inside Corner (DWG)
      V7778-SSG 135 Outside Corner (DWG)
      V7779-SSG 135 Inside Corner (DWG)

    ICR-225 B 600PDF icon PDFPackage icon ZIP

    • Elev-ICR225-System-B-6in-Wall (DWG)
      H8707-Intermediate Horizontal (DWG)
      H8751-Head Horizontal (DWG)
      H8753-Sill Horizontal (DWG)
      H8754-Reglazed Head (DWG)
      H8755-Reglazed Horizontal (DWG)
      H8756-Head Horizontal (DWG)
      H8758-Head Horizontal (DWG)
      H8759-Intermediate Horizontal (DWG)
      H8761-Horiz at Operable Window (DWG)
      H8762-Sill at Operable Window (DWG)
      H8765-Head Splice (DWG)
      H8766-Sill Splice (DWG)
      H8772-Intermediate Horizontal (DWG)
      V8751-Jamb Mullion (DWG)
      V8752-Vertical Mullion (DWG)
      V8754-Vertical Mullion (DWG)
      V8758-90 Outside Corner (DWG)
      V8759-90 Inside Corner (DWG)
      V8761-135 Outside Corner (DWG)
      V8762-135 Inside Corner (DWG)
      V8764-Mullion at Operable Window (DWG)
      V8772-SSG Vertical Mullion (DWG)
      V8773-SSG Vertical Mullion (DWG)
      V8774-SSG Vertical Mullion (DWG)
      V8775-SSG Vert at Operable Window (DWG)
      V8776-SSG 90 Outside Corner (DWG)
      V8777-SSG 90 Inside Corner (DWG)
      V8778-SSG 135 Outside Corner (DWG)
      V8779-SSG 135 Inside Corner (DWG)

    ICR-225 SpecificationsFile spec_obe_icr225.rtf

    Structural Charts

    ICR-225 Structural ChartPDF icon struct_chart_ICR-225-june2012.pdf


    • ICR-225 Installation Manual(PDF)