The TCR-250 Window Wall from Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope® takes you to the next step of thermal performance. This new window wall system offers a full line of accessories to accommodate various door framing and anchoring options. An optional head detail allows for alternate anchoring at conditions requiring incidental water control.

The TCR-250 system has been tested to the same level of performance as Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope®'s other products, which gives you the assurance of a quality product that will offer enhanced thermal performance in today's energy-conscious environment.

Using glass reinforced polyamide insulating strips, the TCR-250 system offers a 2-1/2" x 4-1/2" configuration with continuous head and sill members and incidental water management at the head. Available with either captured or structural silicone glazed verticals, it is anchored at the sill with a continuous shoe integrated into the sill and at the head with a concealed channel or optional precast anchor. TCR-250 is a front set, inside glazed system with engineered EPDM pre-set and wedge gaskets for superior water.

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    2-1/2 x 4-1/2 - 1 GlazingPDF icon TCR-250-2.5x4.5-April2019.pdfPackage icon

    • Elevation (DWG)
      Head - H7601 (DWG)
      Head Option - H7602 (DWG)
      Head-Reglaze - H7603 (DWG)
      Head Splice - H7604 (DWG)
      Intermediate Horizontal - H7605 (DWG)
      Horizontal-Reglaze - H7606 (DWG)
      Sill - H7607 (DWG)
      Sill Splice - H7608 (DWG)
      Jamb Vertical - V7601 (DWG)
      Typical Vertical - V7602 (DWG)
      SSG Vertical - V7603 (DWG)
      90° Outside Corner - V7608 (DWG)
      90° Inside Corner - V7609 (DWG)

    2-1/2 x 6 - 1 GlazingPDF icon TCR-250-2.5x6-April2019.pdfPackage icon

    • Elevation (DWG)
      Head - H7651 (DWG)
      Head Option - H7652 (DWG)
      Head-Reglaze - H7653 (DWG)
      Head Splice - H7654 (DWG)
      Intermediate Horizontal - H7655 (DWG)
      Horizontal-Reglaze - H7656 (DWG)
      Sill - H7657 (DWG)
      Sill Splice - H7658 (DWG)
      Jamb Vertical - V7651 (DWG)
      Typical Vertical - V7652 (DWG)
      SSG Vertical - V7653 (DWG)
      90° Outside Corner - V7658 (DWG)
      90° Inside Corner - V7659 (DWG)

    TCR-250 SpecificationsFile spec_obe_tcr250.rtf

    Structural Charts

    TCR-250 Structural ChartsPDF icon struct_chart_TCR-250-oct2013.pdf


    • TCR-250 Installation Manual(PDF)