MS-375TC / WS-500TC Thermal Composite Entrance

MS-375TC / WS-500TC Thermal Composite Entrance


The Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope® MS-375TC and WS-500TC Thermal Composite Entrance is a high performance product designed to meet or exceed today's energy codes for entrances and curtain walls. The door is 2-1/4" thick and thermally broken using polyamide insulating strips. Only 1" insulating glazing may be used in this door and, when used in combination with Low-E glazing products, this entrance can match the thermal performance of many of today's thermal curtain walls. The MS-375TC/WS-500TC Thermal Composite Entrance is available as a single door, pair of doors or in sets of singles separated by a 2-1/2" common lock mullion or a 5-1/4" common hinge mullion, utilizing a 1" x 4-1/2" sub-frame around perimeter of openings or a 2" x 4-1/2" storefront frame.

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    MS-375TC Medium StilePDF icon MS375TC-Thermal-Door-April2019.pdfPackage icon

    • p01-Series-3000XT-MS375TC (DWG)
      p02-Series-3000MP-CenterSet-MS375TC (DWG)
      p03-Series-3000MP-FrontSet-MS375TC (DWG)
      p04-Series-6000XT-MS375TC (DWG)
      p05-Series-6000MP-CenterSet-MS375TC (DWG)
      p06-Series-6000MP-FrontSet-MS375TC (DWG)
      p07-Reliance-MS375TC (DWG)
      p08-Reliance-TCIG-MS375TC (DWG)
      p09-Reliance-TC-TypeII-MS375TC (DWG)
      p10-Stiles-Rails-Muntins-MS375TC (DWG)
      p11-Common-Jambs-MS375TC (DWG)

    WS-500TC Wide StilePDF icon WS500TC-Thermal-Door-April2019.pdfPackage icon

    • p01-Series-3000XT-WS500TC (DWG)
      p02-Series-3000MP-CenterSet-WS500TC (DWG)
      p03-Series-3000MP-FrontSet-WS500TC (DWG)
      p04-Series-6000XT-WS500TC (DWG)
      p05-Series-6000MP-CenterSet-WS500TC (DWG)
      p06-Series-6000MP-FrontSet-WS500TC (DWG)
      p07-Reliance-WS500TC (DWG)
      p08-Reliance-TCIG-WS500TC (DWG)
      p09-Reliance-TC-TypeII-WS500TC (DWG)
      p10-Stiles-Rails-Muntins-WS500TC (DWG)
      p11-Common-Jambs-WS500 (DWG)

    MS-375TC / WS-500TC SpecificationsFile spec_vist_MS375TC_WS500TC_web_91217.rtf


    • MS-375TC / WS-500TC Installation Manual(PDF)
    • MS-375TC / WS-500TC Sell Sheet(PDF)