Reliance™ Curtain Wall is a high-performing, pressure-equalized curtain wall system. Zone glazing allows for exceptional water control and outstanding thermal performance, as well as straightforward fabrication and easy installation.

Reliance™ Curtain Wall offers (2) infill options. The 1" typical infill system features snap-in adaptors to accommodate 1/4" infill for spandrel applications. We also offer a complete 1/4" typical infill system for maximum utility and versatility. Both systems offer Structural Silicone Glazed (SSG) vertical options for 2-sided applications.

Reliance™ provides two gasket options. The standard option utilizes an EPDM dense gasket on both the interior and exterior sides. The optional configuration uses the EPDM dense gasket on the exterior and an EPDM sponge gasket on the interior to accommodate molded corners when necessary.

Other installation features include roll-over and roll-under horizontals to simplify typical field stick erection. You may also opt for FRP pressure plates for the 1" infill system---either horizontals, verticals or both---to maximize U-factor and Condensation Resistance Factor (CRF). 1" systems are available in 6", 7-1/4" and 10-1/8" depths with aluminum pressure plate or 1/4" deeper per system for the FRP pressure plate versions.

Reliance™ is now also available as a veneer system, featuring low-profile members that attach directly to an existing structural substrate, such as a steel framing latticework. Both 1" and 1/4" typical infill can be accommodated with this option.

All of these Reliance™ systems use an EPDM push-in isolator to thermally break the system. Thermally improved door framing adaptors are also available to accommodate Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope® thermal entrances for a complete thermal elevation.

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    2-1/2" Veneer System - Captured/SSG Verticals - 1/4" or 1" GlazingPDF icon Reliance-Veneer-August2018.pdfPackage icon

    • Elevation (DWG)
      H2901-Head (DWG)
      H2904-Sill (DWG)
      H2905-Intermediate-Horizontal (DWG)
      H2906-Horizontal-Vision-over-Spandrel (DWG)
      H2920-Transition-to-Std-Reliance (DWG)
      H2931-Head (DWG)
      H2934-Sill (DWG)
      H2935-Intermediate-Horizontal (DWG)
      H2950-Transition-to-Std-Reliance (DWG)
      V2901-Jamb (DWG)
      V2902-Intermediate-Vertical (DWG)
      V2906-Jamb-at-Spandrel (DWG)
      V2907-Intermediate-Vertical-at-Spandrel (DWG)
      V2912-SSG-Vertical (DWG)
      V2920-Transition-to-Std-Reliance (DWG)
      V2931-Jamb (DWG)
      V2932-Intermediate-Vertical (DWG)
      V2942-SSG-Vertical (DWG)
      V2950-Transition-to-Std-Reliance (DWG)

    2-1/2" x 10-1/8” – Captured/SSG Verticals -1" GlazingPDF icon Rcw-RcwSSG-2.5x10.125-November2017.pdfPackage icon

    • Elev-Rcw10.125 (DWG)
      H3601-Head-Horizontal (DWG)
      H3604-Sill-Horizontal (DWG)
      H3605-Typical-Horizontal (DWG)
      H3618-Pocket-Frame-OperWin (DWG)
      H3619-Flat-Frame-OperWin (DWG)
      V3602-Vertical-Mullion (DWG)
      V3605-Heavy-Mullion-Reinf (DWG)
      V3608-Jamb-Mullion (DWG)
      V3615-90-OSC-2mull (DWG)
      V3617-90-ISC-2mull (DWG)
      V3621-90-Outside-Corner (DWG)
      V3625-90-Inside-Corner (DWG)
      V3652-SSG-Vertical-Mullion (DWG)
      V3653-SSG-Vert-w-Cap-Adapter (DWG)
      V3657-SSG-Vertical-Mull-Spandre (DWG)
      V3659-SSG-Vertical-w-Oper-Win (DWG)
      V3671-SSG-90-Outside-Corner (DWG)
      V3672-SSG-90-OSC-Spandrel (DWG)
      H0042-Steel-Anchor (DWG)
      H3446-Spandrel-Options (DWG)
      H3448-Vision-Options (DWG)
      H3625-F-T-Mull-Anchors (DWG)
      H3630-Steel-Reinf (DWG)
      H3643-Mullion-Splice (DWG)

    2-1/2" x 10-3/8” – FRP Pressure Plate - Captured -1" Glazing PDF icon Rcw-FRP-10375-November2017.pdfPackage icon

    • Elev-RcwFRP-10.375 (DWG)
      H3301-Head-Horizontal (DWG)
      H3304-Sill-Horizontal (DWG)
      H3305-Typical-Horizontal (DWG)
      H3318-Pocket-Frame-OperWin (DWG)
      H3319-Flat-Frame-OperWin (DWG)
      V3302-Vertical-Mullion (DWG)
      V3305-Heavy-Mullion-Reinf (DWG)
      V3308-Jamb-Mullion (DWG)
      V3315-90-Outside-Corner (DWG)
      V3317-90-Inside-Corner (DWG)
      V3321-90-Outside-Corner (DWG)
      H0042-Steel-Anchor (DWG)
      H3146-Spandrel-Options (DWG)
      H3148-Vision-Options (DWG)
      H3625-F-T-Mull-Anchors (DWG)
      H3630-Steel-Reinf (DWG)
      H3643-Mullion-Splice (DWG)

    2-1/2" x 5-1/4" / 2-1/2" x 6-1/2" – Captured/SSG Verticals -1/4" GlazingPDF icon Rcw_RcwSSG-525-650-November2017.pdfPackage icon

    • Elevation - 2-1/2" x 5-1/4" (DWG)
      Elevation - 2-1/2" x 6-1/2" (DWG)
      Steel Anchor - H0042 (DWG)
      Shear Block Anchors - H3421 (DWG)
      F & T Anchors - H3425 (DWG)
      Head at Vision - H3701 (DWG)
      Sill at Vision - H3704 (DWG)
      Horizontal at Vision - H3705 (DWG)
      Roll Over Horizontal - H3708 (DWG)
      Horizontal at Operable Window - H3719 (DWG)
      Perimeter  Anchor - H3729  (DWG)
      Steel Reinforcing - H3730 (DWG)
      Splice Details - H3743 (DWG)
      Head at Vision - H3801 (DWG)
      Sill at Vision - H3804 (DWG)
      Horizontal at Vision - H3805 (DWG)
      Roll Over Horizontal - H3808 (DWG)
      Horizontal at Operable Window - H3819 (DWG)
      Open Back Jamb - V3701 (DWG)
      Standard Mull - V3702 (DWG)
      Heavy Mull - V3705 (DWG)
      Tubular Jamb - V3708 (DWG)
      90 Outside Corner - V3715 (DWG)
      90 ISC  - V3717 (DWG)
      90 OSC - Captured - V3721 (DWG)
      135 OSC -Captured - V3723 (DWG)
      90 ISC - Captured - V3725 (DWG)
      135 ISC -Captured - V3727 (DWG)
      SSG - Mullion - V3752 (DWG)
      SSG - Mullion at Transition - V3753 (DWG)
      SSG Mull at Operable Window - V3759 (DWG)
      90 OSC - SSG - V3771 (DWG)
      135 OSC - SSG - V3773 (DWG)
      90 ISC - SSG - V3775 (DWG)
      Open Back Jamb - V3801 (DWG)
      Typical Mullion- V3802 (DWG)
      Heavy Mull - V3805 (DWG)
      Jamb at Vision - V3808 (DWG)
      90 OSC - V3815 (DWG)
      90 Degree Inside Corner - V3817 (DWG)
      90 OSC - Captured - V3821 (DWG)
      135 OSC - Captured - V3823 (DWG)
      90 ISC - Captured - V3825 (DWG)
      135 ISC - Captured - V3827 (DWG)
      SSG - Mullion  - V3852 (DWG)
      SSG Mullion at Transition - V3853 (DWG)
      SSG Mull at Operable Window - V3859 (DWG)
      90 OSC - SSG - V3871 (DWG)
      135 OSC - SSG - V3873 (DWG)
      90 ISC - SSG - V3875 (DWG)

    2-1/2" x 6" / 2-1/2" x 7-1/4" – Captured/SSG Verticals -1" GlazingPDF icon Rcw_RcwSSG-600-725-November2017.pdfPackage icon

    • Elevation - 600 (DWG)
      Elevation - 725 (DWG)
      Steel Anchor - H0042 (DWG)
      Head - H3401 (DWG)
      Sill - H3404 (DWG)
      Intermediate Horizontal - H3405 (DWG)
      Roll Over Horizontal - H3408 (DWG)
      Roll Under Horizontal - H3409 (DWG)
      Horizontal at Operable Window - H3418 (DWG)
      Horizontal at Operable Window - H3419 (DWG)
      Shear Block Anchors - H3421 (DWG)
      F & T Mull Anchors - H3425 (DWG)
      F - Anchor at Perimeter - H3429-GG-Scale (DWG)
      F - Anchor at Perimeter - H3429-GG (DWG)
      F - Anchor at Perimeter - H3429 (DWG)
      Steel Reinforcing - H3430 (DWG)
      Splice Details - H3443 (DWG)
      Glazing Adapters - H3446 (DWG)
      Glass Option - H3448 (DWG)
      Head at Vision - H3501 (DWG)
      Sill at Vision - H3504 (DWG)
      Horizontal at Vison - H3505 (DWG)
      Roll Over Horizontal - H3508 (DWG)
      Roll Under Horizontal - H3509 (DWG)
      Horizontal at Operable Window - H3518 (DWG)
      Horizontal at Operable Window - H3519 (DWG)
      Open Back Jamb - V3401 (DWG)
      Mullion - V3402 (DWG)
      Heavy Mullion - V3405 (DWG)
      Tubular Jamb - V3408 (DWG)
      90 Outside Corner - V3415 (DWG)
      90 Inside Corner - V3417 (DWG)
      90 Degree Corner - V3421 (DWG)
      135 Degree Corner  - V3423 (DWG)
      90 Inside Corner - V3425 (DWG)
      135 Degree Inside Corner - V3427 (DWG)
      SSG Mullion - V3452 (DWG)
      SSG Mull at Transition - V3453 (DWG)
      SSG Mull - V3457 (DWG)
      SSG Mull at Operable Window - V3459 (DWG)
      SSG 90 Degree Outside Corner - V3471 (DWG)
      SSG 90 Degree Outside Corner - V3472 (DWG)
      SSG 135 Degree Outside Corner - V3473 (DWG)
      SSG 135 Degree Outside Corner - V3474 (DWG)
      SSG 90 Degree Inside Corner - V3475 (DWG)
      SSG 90 Degree Inside Corner - V3476 (DWG)
      Open Back Jamb - V3501 (DWG)
      Typical Mull - V3502 (DWG)
      Heavy Mull at Vision - V3505 (DWG)
      Tubular Jamb - V3508 (DWG)
      90 Degree OSC at Vision - V3515 (DWG)
      90 Degree OSC at Vision - V3517 (DWG)
      90 Degree OSC at Vision - V3521 (DWG)
      135 Degree OSC at Vision - V3523 (DWG)
      90 ISC at Vision - V3525 (DWG)
      135 ISC at Vision - V3527 (DWG)
      SSG Mullion - V3552 (DWG)
      SSG Mullion at Captured - V3553 (DWG)
      SSG Mullion  - V3557 (DWG)
      SSG Mullion at Operable Window - V3559 (DWG)
      90 OSC at Vision - V3571 (DWG)
      90 OSC at Spandrel - V3572 (DWG)
      135 OSC at Vision -  V3573 (DWG)
      135 OSC at Spandrel - V3574 (DWG)
      90 ISC at Vision - V3575 (DWG)
      90 ISC at Spandrel - V3576 (DWG)

    2-1/2" x 6-1/4" / 2-1/2" x 7-1/2" –FRP Pressure Plate- Captured -1" GlazingPDF icon Rcw-FRP-625-750-November2017.pdfPackage icon

    • Elev-RcwFRP-625 (DWG)
      H3201-Head-Horizontal (DWG)
      H3204-Sill-Horizontal (DWG)
      H3205-Typical-Horizontal (DWG)
      H3208-Roll-Over-Horiz (DWG)
      H3209-Roll-Under-Horiz (DWG)
      H3218-Pocket-Frame-OperWin (DWG)
      H3219-Flat-FrameOperWin (DWG)
      V3201-Jamb-OpnBk-Vision (DWG)
      V3202-Vertical-Mullion (DWG)
      V3205-Vertical-Heavy-Mullion (DWG)
      V3208-Jamb-Mullion-Tubular (DWG)
      V3217-90-ISC-2mull (DWG)
      V3221-90-Outside-Corner (DWG)
      Elev-RcwFRP-750 (DWG)
      H3101-Head-Horizontal (DWG)
      H3104-Sill-Horizontal (DWG)
      H3105-Typical-Horizontal (DWG)
      H3108-Roll-Over-Horiz (DWG)
      H3109-Roll-Under-Horiz (DWG)
      H3118-Pocket-Frame-OperWin (DWG)
      H3119-Flat-FrameOperWin (DWG)
      V3101-Jamb-OpnBk-Vision (DWG)
      V3102-Vertical-Mullion (DWG)
      V3105-Vertical-Heavy-Mullion (DWG)
      V3108-Jamb-Mullion-Tubular (DWG)
      V3117-90-ISC-2mull (DWG)
      V3121-90-Outside-Corner (DWG)
      H0042-Steel-Anchor (DWG)
      H3146-Spandrel-Options (DWG)
      H3148-Vision-Options (DWG)
      H3421-ShrBlk-Anchors (DWG)
      H3425-F-T-Mull-Anchors (DWG)
      H3430-Steel-Reinf (DWG)
      H3443-Mullion-Splice (DWG)

    Reliance™ SpecificationsFile spec_reliance_oct2014.rtf

    Structural Charts

    Reliance™ Structural ChartPDF icon View PDF


    • Reliance™ FRP Installation Manual(PDF)
    • Reliance™ Installation Manual(PDF)
    • Reliance™ Sell Sheet(PDF)