Solar Eclipse™


Offering tremendous flexibility in both aesthetic and functional design, Solar Eclipse™ can be customized to provide beautiful building accents and provide passive solar control. Face-mount pressure plate bracket design allows easy field installation of sunshade modules to the curtain wall after exterior glazing. Whether you choose an existing design or request a design specific to your project, Solar Eclipse™ will increase the value of your building.


• Modular construction for easy field installation
• 2-1/2" deep (min.) exterior vertical covers required to conceal pressure plate brackets
• Outrigger plate projection depth varies based on shade structure composition; standard offerings range up to 27-3/4" from face of glass. Contact the factory for specific capabilities based on your project requirements.
• Nearly endless design flexibility of outrigger and shade structure louver shapes and configurations


• Outriggers available in painted finishes only
• Shade structure louvers available in paint or anodized finishes
• Shade structures can be purchased factory assembled or,
• Louvers may be purchased in stock length for customer fabrication
to suit building schedule and/or field conditions


This product readily accepts a vast range of painted and anodic finishes.

Painted / Organic:
• Huge selection of colors and gloss levels
• Medium and high-performance formulations conform with AAMA 2603, 2604 and 2605 protocols

• Options: clear, champagne, light bronze, medium-dark bronze, black
• Medium and high-performance applications (based primarily on film thickness) conform with AAMA 611 protocol

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    Solar Eclipse™ - Reliance™ / Reliance™-SS Curtain WallPDF icon SolarEclipse-April2018.pdfPackage icon

    • Elevation (DWG)
      Rectangle Solar Eclipse - SE-0001 (DWG)
      Diamond Solar Eclipse - SE-0002 (DWG)
      Circle Solar Eclipse - SE-0003 (DWG)
      Square Solar Eclipse - SE-0004 (DWG)
      Radius Solar Eclipse - SE-0005 (DWG)
      4" Foil Solar Eclipse - SE-0006 (DWG)
      6" Screen Solar Eclipse - SE-0007 (DWG)
      Z Screen Solar Eclipse - SE-0008 (DWG)
      Reliance Anchor Solar Eclipse - SE-0009 (DWG)
      RelianceSS Anchor Solar Eclipse - SE-0010 (DWG)

    Solar Eclipse™ SpecificationsMicrosoft Office document icon spec_solar_eclipse_sunshades.doc


    • Solar Eclipse™ Installation Manual(PDF)
    • Solar Eclipse™ Sell Sheet(PDF)