Sun Controls

Integrated Products

Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope® Sun Control products integrate seemlessly with our curtain wall systems enhancing productivity and efficiency on the construction site.

Energy Efficient

Offering tremendous flexibility in both aesthetic and functional design, our exclusive Solar Eclipse™ Sunshade can be customized to provide beautiful building accents and provide passive solar control.

Innovative Design

The Solar Eclipse™ has numerous design options that offer the opportunity to enhance the aesthetics of any building. Mix and match the pre-engineered elements to create signature designs.

Sun Controls
Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope® Sun Controls integrate seamlessly with our building envelope systems.




Solar Eclipse™

The Solar Eclipse advanced system reduces energy consumption while providing occupants with comfortable interior environments.

Solar Shelf™

The Solar Shelf system is field installed on to the interior of the curtain wall to deflect daylight deeper into the building, thus reducing demand for artificial lighting and associated energy costs.