What is Stackwall®
Stackwall® is an exclusive structural wall system facade glass panels joined to vertical glass mullions with metal patch or “spider” fittings. Vertical glass mullions are designed to resist wind loads and seismic forces. Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope® Stackwall® is engineered to integrate with Finwall®.

Where should I use it?
Monumental Entrances
- Malls, Museums, Hotels, and Airports

Building Facades
- Grandstands and Storefronts

All-Glass Doors
Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope® can incorporate all-glass entrance systems into our Stackwall® systems. Door types and configurations may vary.

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    • Stackwall® IG Details (DWG)

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    • Stackwall® Mono Details (DWG)

    Stackwall® Description

    • An engineered, floor-loaded or suspended wall construction, for heights up to 50', that uses tempered glass mullions to structurally resist wind load and seismic forces. The main plates are joined to the mullions (fins) with metal patch or "spider" fittings and structural silicone. Metal framing is required only at the perimeter and can be revealed or recessed.

    Hardware Options

    Stackwall®/Vision Vue® Hardware Options

    • Coming soon.


    Stackwall® SpecificationsMicrosoft Office document icon stackwall_obe.doc


    • Stackwall® Sell Sheet(PDF)