The HP-1750 wall system that offers design flexibility with dual finish capabilities, narrow sightlines and optimum performance in an easy to install screw spline system. HP-1750 is a dry glazed, performance oriented system ideal for use as vertical strip fixed windows, storefronts or as individual units for punched openings.

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    1-3/4” x 6-3/4” - 1" GlazingPDF icon Hp1750x675-1in-jan2015.pdfPackage icon Hp1750x675-1in-jan2015.zip

    • ELEV-HP1750x675-1in (DWG)
      H2801-Horizontal (DWG)
      H2802-Head (DWG)
      H2803-Sill (DWG)
      H2805-Horizontal-w-Adapter (DWG)
      V2801-Jamb (DWG)
      V2802-Vertical (DWG)
      V2804-Jamb-w-Adapter (DWG)
      V2811-90-Outside-Corner 2mull (DWG)
      V2815-90-Inside-Corner (DWG)
      V2842-SSG Vertical w Steel (DWG)
      V2851-SSG 90 Degree Outside Corner (DWG)
      V2855-SSG 90 Degree Inside Corner (DWG)

    1-3/4” x 6” - 1/4" GlazingPDF icon Hp1750x600-25in-jan2015.pdfPackage icon Hp1750x600-25in-jan2015.zip

    • ELEV-HP1750x600-25in (DWG)
      H2821-Horizontal (DWG)
      H2822-Head (DWG)
      H2823-Sill (DWG)
      V2821-Jamb (DWG)
      V2822-Vertical (DWG)
      V2831-90-Outside-Corner 2mull (DWG)
      V2835-90-Inside-Corner (DWG)
      V2862-SSG Vertical w Steel (DWG)
      V2871-SSG 90 Degree Outside Corner (DWG)
      V2875-SSG 90 Degree Inside Corner (DWG)

    HP-1750 SpecificationsMicrosoft Office document icon vist_hp1750_spec_rev.doc

    Structural Charts

    HP-1750 Structural ChartPDF icon Hp1750-StructChart.pdf


    • HP-1750 Installation Manual(PDF)