Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope® offers a complete line of storefront framing systems to meet virtually any application and condition. The Series 3000 (2" x 4-1/2") is designed for 1" but is adaptable to many different in-fills ranging from 1/4" to 1-1/8".

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    Center-Set - 2" x 4-1/2"PDF icon FG-3000-September2018A.pdfPackage icon FG-3000-September2018A.zip

    • Elev-Fg3000-Storefront (DWG)
      H0601-Horizontal-Outside Glaze (DWG)
      H0602-Head-Horizontal (DWG)
      H0603-Sill-Outside Glaze (DWG)
      H0604-Sill-Outside Glaze-10 PSF (DWG)
      H0605-Sill-Outside Glaze-Option (DWG)
      H0606-Stacked-Horizontal-Out Glaze (DWG)
      H0607-Stacked-Head (DWG)
      H0608-Stacked-Sill-Outside Glaze (DWG)
      H0611-Head-w-(1) Pc Receptor (DWG)
      H0612-Head-w-(2) Pc Receptor (DWG)
      H0614-Horizontal-Inside Glaze (DWG)
      H0615-Head-Inside Glaze (DWG)
      H0616-Sill-Inside Glaze (DWG)
      H0619-Horizontal-w-Operable Window (DWG)
      H0641-Horizontal-Sidelite Base (DWG)
      H0643-Sill-Sidelite Base (DWG)
      H4748-Glass Options (DWG)
      H0650-Subsill Splice - End Dam (DWG)
      V0601-Jamb (DWG)
      V0602-Jamb-Screw Spline (DWG)
      V0603-Intermediate-Mull-Tube (DWG)
      V0604-Intermediate-Mull (DWG)
      V0605-Heavy-Mull (DWG)
      V0606-Intermediate-Mull-Screw Spline (DWG)
      V0607-Expansion-Mullion (DWG)
      V0608-Adjustable-Mullion (DWG)
      V0609-Vertical-w-Steel (DWG)
      V0610-135-Outside Corner (DWG)
      V0611-90-Outside Corner (DWG)
      V0612-90-Inside Corner (DWG)
      V0614-135-Inside Corner (DWG)
      V0615-180-Post (DWG)
      V0616-3 Way Corner Post (DWG)
      V0617-4 Way Corner Post (DWG)

    FG-3000 SpecificationsMicrosoft Office document icon fg3000_spec_rev.doc

    Structural Charts

    FG-3000 Structural ChartPDF icon View PDF


    • FG-3000 Installation Manual(PDF)