Solar Eclipse™

Our Solar Eclipse™ Sunshade System and Solar Eclipse™ Single Blade Sunshade provide beautiful building accents and passive solar control. Both systems pair seamlessly with many of our popular storefront and curtain wall products, including Reliance.™ Easy to install and flexible in design, every detail is engineered to ensure you never sacrifice style for substance.


Our single blade sunshades come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and angle options for easy onsite installation, either vertically or horizontally. Outrigger Sunshades are a traditional outrigger-and-louver design available as factory assembled, or louvers may be ordered in stock lengths for customer fabrication to meet building schedules and field conditions. Both systems offer nearly endless configurations.


Product Features [+][-]

• Modular construction for easy field installation
• Available for most OBE storefront and curtain wall products, including our popular RelianceTM
• Outrigger plate projection depth varies based on shade structure composition; standard offerings range up to 36-3/4″ from face of glass. Contact us for specific capabilities based on your project requirements
• Single blade standardized airfoil projections available at 11”, 13”, 14”, 15” & 17” from face of glass, based on zero degree rotation. Actual projections vary depending on set angle
• Single blade rotation angle options available in 5 degree increments up to 35 degrees
• Single blade sunshade available in both horizontal and vertical blade applications
• Nearly endless design flexibility of outrigger and shade structure, louver shapes and configurations

Finishes [+][-]

The beauty of our sunshades is in the details.

Outriggers, shade structure louvers, single blade airfoils, and anchors are available in a large selection of colors, glosses, and anodized finishes to match your creativity.

Outriggers undergo a mechanical brush operation prior to applying anodic or organic coating to ensure a homogenous, high-quality substrate on both sides of the outrigger.

Painted / Organic:
• Vast array of colors and gloss levels
• Commercial and superior formulations conform with AAMA 2603, 2604 and 2605 protocols

• Options include clear, champagne, light bronze, medium-dark bronze, black
• Commercial and superior applications (based primarily on film thickness) conform with AAMA 611 protocol

Product Details

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