Reliance™ Window Wall

Engineered with zero compromise.

Every last detail of the Reliance™ Window Wall is engineered for strength and ease of installation. Square-cut screw spline assembly components reduce fabrication, utilizing structural glazing tape or structural silicone for maximum flexibility during installation. Shop-controlled frame assembly and glazing with a variety of infill options reduce field labor and minimize onsite applied seals. The system is also designed to be installed from inside the building, eliminating the need for staging equipment during unit installation. Still reading? You can stop. We’ve got you covered.

Reliance Window Walll

Design Options [+][-]

5″ or 6″ system depths with a 2 1/2″ vertical sightline and a 2 1/4″ horizontal sightline
5″ system depth: 1″ infill glazed with 3M™ VHB™ structural glazing tape
6″ system depth: 1″ infill glazed with structural silicone or 1 5/32″ infill glazed with 3M™ VHB™ structural glazing tape

Factory painted KYNAR 500/HYLAR 5000 finishes, meeting all provisions of AAMA 2605
Factory anodized finishing
Dual finish capability

Features [+][-]

+/-1/2″ total allowable vertical movement per floor
Factory assembled, sealed and glazed for reduced field labor
Installed from floor slab; staging not required
Enhanced thermal performance with reinforced polyamide struts in the head and sill cans
Optional captured appearance
Standardized detailing and components
Accommodates operable vents for both captured and non-captured system options

Performance [+][-]

STC per ASTM E90: 39 with laminated glass 34 with clear glass
OITC per ASTM E90: 31 with laminated glass 29 with clear glass
Thermal Performance per AAMA 1503/NFRC 100 when using Low-E 1″ CoG insulating glass of 0.24: Combined U-factor: 0.35
CRF Frame: 70 combined frame and glass
NFRC Certified & Thermal Performance Characteristics per AAMA 507
Air Infiltration: <.06 CFM/SQ FT @ 6.24 PSF per ASTM E283
Static Water: 15 PSF per ASTM E331
Dynamic Water: 15 PSF per AAMA 501.1
Deflection Load: 40 PSF per ASTM E330
Structural Load: 60 PSF per ASTM E330
Seismic: Three levels of deflection per AAMA 501.4

Product Details

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