Reliance™ Window Wall

The Reliance™ Window Wall is a shop assembled, sealed and glazed window wall product offering both captured and non-captured options with a variety of 1" infill options. This screw spline assembly has square cut components to reduce fabrication and utilizes 3M’s™ structural glazing tape in lieu of silicone to reduce glazing labor. The Reliance™ Window Wall design has reinforced polyamide thermal struts integrated into the head and sill cans to provide exceptional thermal performance. One of the most outstanding benefits of Reliance™ Window Wall is the assembly and glazing of the window wall frames under shop controlled conditions. This reduces field labor and minimizes on-site applied seals. The system is also designed to be installed from inside the building which is an easier installation and eliminates the need for staging equipment during unit installation.

Reliance Window Walll


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