Reliance™-TC LT

Reliance™-TC LT is the ultimate curtain wall solution, combining industry-leading thermal performance with premium aesthetics. The lightweight, easy to install Reliance™-TC LT offers greater cost efficiency and a slim, 2” sightline that provides expansive views while still delivering the highest levels of thermal performance and seismic resilience.

This LEED-eligible double-pane curtain wall has a U-factor of 0.29, setting new standards in thermal performance, making it ideal for IECC Zones 4-8. A dual-finish option adds to its design flexibility and aesthetic appeal with a twin span application, enabling use across multiple floors. And because it’s from the Reliance™ family, installers can leverage previous fabrication and installation experience from OBE – the single source solution for metal and glass.

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Product Performance [+][-]

Reliance™-TC LT provides the right performance for the job

  • Thermal: U-Factor = 0.29, (CoG 0.24) CRF (frame) = 80 (with warm-edge spacer)
  • Seismic: Glass Fallout (∆Fallout) of 6” for Captured and 2-Sided SSG per AAMA 501.6
  • Structural Load: 60 PSF per ASTM E330
  • Air infiltration: <0.06 cfm/sf at 6.24 PSF per ASTM E283
  • Static Water: 20 PSF per ASTM E331
  • Dynamic Water: 20 PSF per AAMA 501.1
  • Cyclic Water: 20 PSF per ASTM E547
  • Structural Load: 60 PSF per ASTM E330
  • STC per ASTM E90: 30 with standard 1″ IGU; 38 with laminated 1″ IGU
  • OITC per ASTM E90: 25 with standard 1″ IGU; 31 with laminated 1″ IGU
  • NFRC simulations and CMAST files available for Title 24 requirements

Product Features [+][-]

Reliance™-TC LT is ideal for projects requiring high-performance in low to mid-rise applications 

  • 2″ sightline
  • 6-1/4″ and 7-1/2″ depth for double-pane 1″ infill
  • 1″ IG infill standard with 1/4″ spandrel glazing adapters
  • Polyamide and aluminum pressure plate options
  • Front set, outside glazed configuration
  • Dry glazed
  • Zone glazed
  • Shear block assembly
  • Field glazed
  • Captured and SSG (Structural Silicone Glazed) vertical mullions
  • Twin span with splice sleeve
  • Low profile corner mullions
  • Heavy duty mullion and aluminum structural reinforcements for higher design criteria
  • Integrated Solar EclipseTM Sunshade
  • Accommodates Zero Sightline projected and casement vents
  • Red List Free

Product Details

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CAD Details
BIM Models
Structural Charts
2" x 6-1/4" w/ Aluminum Pressure Plate
2" x 6-1/4" w/ Polyamide Pressure Plate
2" x 7-1/2" w/ Aluminum Pressure Plate
2" x 7-1/2" w/ Polyamide Pressure Plate

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