The PDR-225 Window Wall is a shop assembled and sealed, field glazed window wall product. Featuring a 2-1/4" sightline, it can be used with a variety of 1" infill options and features an integrated slab edge cover option. The enhanced 3/8" polyurethane break provides exceptional thermal performance. The PDR-225 system can be glazed from either inside or outside the building, making it a versatile product for a variety of window wall applications.

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    • Elevation (DWG)
      H1901-Head-InsideGlz (DWG)
      H1902-Head-OutsideGlz (DWG)
      H1903-Head-InsideGlz-Slab-Cover (DWG)
      H1904-Head-OutsideGlz-Slab-Cover (DWG)
      H1905-Horiz-InsideGlz (DWG)
      H1906-Horiz-OutsideGlz (DWG)
      H1910-Sill (DWG)
      H1911-Sill-at-Slab-Cover (DWG)
      H1913-Slab-Edge-Cover (DWG)
      H1916-Horiz-at-OpWin (DWG)
      H1920-Head-Sill-Anchor (DWG)
      V1901-Jamb (DWG)
      V1905-Vertical-Typical (DWG)
      V1906-Vertical-Heavy (DWG)
      V1907-Vertical-Expansion (DWG)
      V1908-Vertical-at-OpWin (DWG)
      V1910-90-Outside-Corner (DWG)
      V1911-90-Inside-Corner (DWG)
      V1915-135-Outside-Corner (DWG)
      V1916-135-Inside-Corner (DWG)
    Structural Charts


    • PDR-225 Install Manual(PDF)