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Reliance™ Cassette

Reliance™ Cassette Curtain Wall is a 4-sided structurally glazed system that allows the installer to shop glaze the infill onto "cassette frames" using 3M™ VHB™ structural Glazing Tape or Structural Silicone. These pre-glazed frames are then taken to the field and applied to a structural grid of standard Reliance™ or Reliance™-SS curtain wall framing providing a 4-sided structurally glazed appearance with an overall system depth of 6-3/4", 8" or 10-1/2". This system can be used in either new construction or retrofit onto existing Reliance™ or Reliance™-SS installations.

Reliance™ StormMax® High Performance

The Reliance™ StormMax™ High-Performance Curtain Wall System is designed for Essential Facilities, such as hospitals, emergency operations centers, fire stations and shelters.

Reliance™ Unit Wall

This factory-assembled, sealed and glazed unit wall is useful for curtain wall, window wall and punched opening applications. Captured and 4-sided structural glazed applications. Sold in stock lengths, fabricated knockdown, pre-assembled/pre-glazed with starter sills and horizontal stack joints for easy installation.


To meet demands for more stringent thermal performance criteria, the Reliance™-HTC curtain wall system was developed by Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope®.


Reliance™-LT is thermally broken utilizing an EPDM push-in thermal isolator. A polyamide pressure plate is available to meet even more stringent thermal performance requirements.