New Products

New Products
Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope®’s latest collection of products.




MS-375TC / WS-500TC Thermal Composite Entrance

The MS-375TC / WS-500TC Thermal Composite Entrance from Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope® has been engineered to meet or exceed today's most demanding energy codes for entrances and curtain walls. Available in both medium and wide stile versions and accepting 1" insulating glazing, this door and its sub-framing and threshold components are thermally broken utilizing polyamide insulating strips.


The PDR-225 Window Wall system by Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope® is a shop assembled, field glazed product that features a 3/8" polyurethane break for exceptional thermal performance. Accepting a variety of 1" infill, PDR-225 is available in both inside and outside glazed configurations.

Reliance™ Unit Wall

This factory-assembled, sealed and glazed unit wall is useful for curtain wall, window wall and punched opening applications. Captured and 4-sided structural glazed applications. Sold in stock lengths, fabricated knockdown, pre-assembled/pre-glazed with starter sills and horizontal stack joints for easy installation.

Reliance™ Window Wall

The Reliance™ Window Wall is a factory assembled, sealed and glazed window wall product offering both captured and non-captured options with a variety of 1" infill options.


Reliance™-LT is thermally broken utilizing an EPDM push-in thermal isolator. A polyamide pressure plate is available to meet even more stringent thermal performance requirements.

Signature Series 3375

Frame: 3 3/8” depth
Sash 3-11/16" depth
Tubular sash and meeting rails
Sealing return frame legs

Signature Series SGHT

The Signature Series SGHT Window Wall from Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope® is a factory assembled, sealed and glazed product that is available with a variety of 1" infill options. Both 3M™ structural glazing tape and structural silicone versions are available to meet a variety of specifications. Reinforced polyamide struts are integrated into the head and sill cans to provide exceptional thermal performance.