HR-250 StormMax®


The HR-250 system is an impact resistant curtain wall designed to accommodate 9/16" to 5/8" monolithic impact glass. This system meets the most demanding requirements of the South Florida and International Building codes. The HR-250 system is unique in that it offers a dry glaze option for both large and small missile impact. It combines maximum performance with the versatility of conventional screw spline assembly thereby providing significant cost savings.

  • 2-1/2" sight lines 6-3/4" depth
  • Exterior Glazed Front Set
  • 9/16" Monolithic Laminated Glazing
  • Screw Spline Fabrication
  • Dry or Wet Glazed Options
  • Thermally Improved
  • 90 Degree Outside Corner Mullion Option
  • SSG Mullion Option
  • Factory finishes Kynar 500 Hylar 500
  • Finishes meeting all provisions of AAMA 605.2-94 and AAMA 2805-98
  • Factory anodized finishing
  • Can incorporate MSD-75Entrances
  • Air Infiltration – Passed at 6.24 PSF per TAS-202 and ASTM E 283
  • Static Water – 15 PSF per TAS-202 and ASTM E 331
  • Structural Load – Tested up to +100 / -100 PSF per TAS-202 and ASTM E 330
  • Large & Small Missile Impact and Cycling - Tested up to +100 / -100 PSF per TAS-201,203 and ASTM E 1886
  • Miami / Dade County
  • Florida Building Code TAS-201, TAS-202,TAS-203
  • ASTM E 1886, E 1996
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    Single Span / Twin SpanPDF icon strmax-hr250.pdfPackage icon

    • Elevation Single Span (DWG)
      Elevation Twin Span (DWG)
      Head at Single Span - H8141 (DWG)
      Head at Twin Span - H8141T (DWG)
      Horizontal Wet Glazed - H8142 (DWG)
      Single at Sill Span Wet Glazed - H8143 (DWG)
      Horizontal Wet Glazed - H8144 (DWG)
      Single Span Anchors - H8145 (DWG)
      Twin Span Anchors - H8146 (DWG)
      Twin Span Anchors - H8147 (DWG)
      Mullion Splices - H8148 (DWG)
      Corner Mullion Splices - H8149 (DWG)
      SSG Mullion Splice - H8150 (DWG)
      Steel Anchor at Floor Slab - H8151 (DWG)
      Steel Anchor at Floor Slab - H8152 (DWG)
      Jamb - V8141 (DWG)
      Jamb with Anchor Bolt - V8142 (DWG)
      Jamb with Steel - V8143 (DWG)
      Jamb 2 Piece with Anchor Bolt - V8144 (DWG)
      Jamb 2 Piece with Anchor Bolt - V8145 (DWG)
      Jamb 2 Piece with Steel - V8146 (DWG)
      Mullion Vertical Typical with Steel - V8148 (DWG)
      Mullion Vertical Typical with Steel - V8149 (DWG)
      Mullion Vertical Typical with Steel - V8150 (DWG)
      Mullion Vertical Typical with Steel - V8151 (DWG)
      Mullion Vertical Heavy (DWG)
      90 Degree Corner - V8153 (DWG)
      SSG 90 Degree Corner - V8154 (DWG)
      SSG Mullion - V8157 (DWG)
      SSG Mullion - V8158 (DWG)

    HR-250 StormMax® SpecificationsMicrosoft Office document icon spec_vist_hr250_web_obe_rev.doc


    • HR-250 StormMax® Installation Manual(PDF)
    • HR-250 StormMax® Notice of Acceptance(PDF)
    • HR-250 StormMax® Sell Sheet(PDF)