Reliance™ StormMax® High Performance


The Reliance™ StormMax® High-Performance Curtain Wall System
is designed for Essential Facilities, such as hospitals, emergency
operations centers, fire stations and shelters. This system meets
the stringent ASTM Missile Level E requirements needed for
these special facilities that are critical to remain operational
after a hurricane strikes.

This system offers great design flexibility in that it can span up to
20' with no mid-point anchors. This structural option also meets
Level D missile requirements for standard hurricane applications.
The system can be wet or dry glazed.


• Factory painted Kynar 500®/Hylar 5000® finishes,
• meeting all provisions of AAMA 2605
• Factory anodized finishing

  • Overall system dimensions: 3" x 10"
  • Design pressures up to +92/-92 PSF
  • Free spans up to 20' (+80/-80 PSF)
  • 1-5/16" Laminated insulating glass
  • ASTM E1996 Level D and Level E Missile tested
  • Zone glazed
  • No exposed fasteners and shear block assembly
  • Standardized detailing and components
  • Dual finish capability
  • Dry glazed option
  • Accepts steel reinforcing for various structural
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    StormMax® High PerformancePDF icon pdf_Rcw-StmMax-HP-.pdfPackage icon

    • Head - Dry Glazed - H9661d (DWG)
      Head - Wet Glazed - H9661w (DWG)
      Horizontal - Dry Glazed - H9662d (DWG)
      Horizontal - Wet Glazed - H9662w (DWG)
      Sill - Dry Glazed - H9663d (DWG)
      Sill - Wet Glazed - H9663w (DWG)
      Roll Over Horizontal - Dry Glazed - H9664d (DWG)
      Roll Over Horizontal - Wet Glazed - H9664w (DWG)
      Roll Over Horizontal - Dry Glazed - H9665d (DWG)
      Roll Under Horizontal - Wet Glazed - H9665w (DWG)
      Jamb - Dry Glazed - V9661d (DWG)
      Jamb - Wet Glazed - V9661w (DWG)
      Mullion - Dry Glazed - V9662d (DWG)
      Mullion - Wet Glazed - V9662w (DWG)

    Reliance™ StormMax® High Performance SpecificationsMicrosoft Office document icon spec_Rcw-StmMax-HP_rev.doc


    • Reliance™ StormMax® High Performance Installation Manual(PDF)
    • Reliance™ StormMax® High Performance Sell Sheet(PDF)