Reliance™ Curtain Wall is a high-performing, pressure-equalized curtain wall system. This zone-glazed system features exceptional water control and outstanding thermal performance, as well as straight forward fabrication and easy installation.

Reliance™ Curtain Wall offers (2) infill systems. The 1" infill system, with snap-in adaptors to accommodate 1/4" infill for spandrel applications, as well as a complete 1/4" infill system. Both 1" and 1/4" systems offer Structural Silicone Glazed (SSG) vertical options.

The system provides two gasket options. The standard option utilizes an EPDM dense gasket for both the exterior and interior applications. A second option features an EPDM dense gasket for the exterior and an EPDM sponge gasket for the interior to accommodate molded corners when necessary.

Other installation features include roll-over and roll-under horizontals to simplify typical field stick erection.You may also add a FRP pressure plate to 1” infill systems horizontals and/or verticals to maximize U-factors and Condensation Resistance Factor (CRF). 1”systems are available in 7-1/4" /10-1/8”and 6" depths with an aluminum pressure plate or 7-1/2" /10-3/8”and 6-1/4" using the FRP pressure plate.

Reliance™ Curtain Wall is thermally broken utilizing an EPDM push-in thermal isolator. The system includes thermally improved door framing adaptors, which can accommodate the use of Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope® Thermal Entrances to complete a thermal elevation.

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    2-1/2" x 10-1/8” – Captured/SSG Verticals -1" GlazingPDF icon Rcw-RcwSSG-2.5x10.125-November2017.pdfPackage icon

    • Elev-Rcw10.125 (DWG)
      H3601-Head-Horizontal (DWG)
      H3604-Sill-Horizontal (DWG)
      H3605-Typical-Horizontal (DWG)
      H3618-Pocket-Frame-OperWin (DWG)
      H3619-Flat-Frame-OperWin (DWG)
      V3602-Vertical-Mullion (DWG)
      V3605-Heavy-Mullion-Reinf (DWG)
      V3608-Jamb-Mullion (DWG)
      V3615-90-OSC-2mull (DWG)
      V3617-90-ISC-2mull (DWG)
      V3621-90-Outside-Corner (DWG)
      V3625-90-Inside-Corner (DWG)
      V3652-SSG-Vertical-Mullion (DWG)
      V3653-SSG-Vert-w-Cap-Adapter (DWG)
      V3657-SSG-Vertical-Mull-Spandre (DWG)
      V3659-SSG-Vertical-w-Oper-Win (DWG)
      V3671-SSG-90-Outside-Corner (DWG)
      V3672-SSG-90-OSC-Spandrel (DWG)
      H0042-Steel-Anchor (DWG)
      H3446-Spandrel-Options (DWG)
      H3448-Vision-Options (DWG)
      H3625-F-T-Mull-Anchors (DWG)
      H3630-Steel-Reinf (DWG)
      H3643-Mullion-Splice (DWG)

    2-1/2" x 10-3/8” – FRP Pressure Plate - Captured -1" Glazing PDF icon Rcw-FRP-10375-November2017.pdfPackage icon

    • Elev-RcwFRP-10.375 (DWG)
      H3301-Head-Horizontal (DWG)
      H3304-Sill-Horizontal (DWG)
      H3305-Typical-Horizontal (DWG)
      H3318-Pocket-Frame-OperWin (DWG)
      H3319-Flat-Frame-OperWin (DWG)
      V3302-Vertical-Mullion (DWG)
      V3305-Heavy-Mullion-Reinf (DWG)
      V3308-Jamb-Mullion (DWG)
      V3315-90-Outside-Corner (DWG)
      V3317-90-Inside-Corner (DWG)
      V3321-90-Outside-Corner (DWG)
      H0042-Steel-Anchor (DWG)
      H3146-Spandrel-Options (DWG)
      H3148-Vision-Options (DWG)
      H3625-F-T-Mull-Anchors (DWG)
      H3630-Steel-Reinf (DWG)
      H3643-Mullion-Splice (DWG)

    2-1/2" x 5-1/4" / 2-1/2" x 6-1/2" – Captured/SSG Verticals -1/4" GlazingPDF icon Rcw_RcwSSG-525-650-November2017.pdfPackage icon

    • Elevation - 2-1/2" x 5-1/4" (DWG)
      Elevation - 2-1/2" x 6-1/2" (DWG)
      Steel Anchor - H0042 (DWG)
      Shear Block Anchors - H3421 (DWG)
      F & T Anchors - H3425 (DWG)
      Head at Vision - H3701 (DWG)
      Sill at Vision - H3704 (DWG)
      Horizontal at Vision - H3705 (DWG)
      Roll Over Horizontal - H3708 (DWG)
      Horizontal at Operable Window - H3719 (DWG)
      Perimeter  Anchor - H3729  (DWG)
      Steel Reinforcing - H3730 (DWG)
      Splice Details - H3743 (DWG)
      Head at Vision - H3801 (DWG)
      Sill at Vision - H3804 (DWG)
      Horizontal at Vision - H3805 (DWG)
      Roll Over Horizontal - H3808 (DWG)
      Horizontal at Operable Window - H3819 (DWG)
      Open Back Jamb - V3701 (DWG)
      Standard Mull - V3702 (DWG)
      Heavy Mull - V3705 (DWG)
      Tubular Jamb - V3708 (DWG)
      90 Outside Corner - V3715 (DWG)
      90 ISC  - V3717 (DWG)
      90 OSC - Captured - V3721 (DWG)
      135 OSC -Captured - V3723 (DWG)
      90 ISC - Captured - V3725 (DWG)
      135 ISC -Captured - V3727 (DWG)
      SSG - Mullion - V3752 (DWG)
      SSG - Mullion at Transition - V3753 (DWG)
      SSG Mull at Operable Window - V3759 (DWG)
      90 OSC - SSG - V3771 (DWG)
      135 OSC - SSG - V3773 (DWG)
      90 ISC - SSG - V3775 (DWG)
      Open Back Jamb - V3801 (DWG)
      Typical Mullion- V3802 (DWG)
      Heavy Mull - V3805 (DWG)
      Jamb at Vision - V3808 (DWG)
      90 OSC - V3815 (DWG)
      90 Degree Inside Corner - V3817 (DWG)
      90 OSC - Captured - V3821 (DWG)
      135 OSC - Captured - V3823 (DWG)
      90 ISC - Captured - V3825 (DWG)
      135 ISC - Captured - V3827 (DWG)
      SSG - Mullion  - V3852 (DWG)
      SSG Mullion at Transition - V3853 (DWG)
      SSG Mull at Operable Window - V3859 (DWG)
      90 OSC - SSG - V3871 (DWG)
      135 OSC - SSG - V3873 (DWG)
      90 ISC - SSG - V3875 (DWG)

    2-1/2" x 6" / 2-1/2" x 7-1/4" – Captured/SSG Verticals -1" GlazingPDF icon Rcw_RcwSSG-600-725-November2017.pdfPackage icon

    • Elevation - 600 (DWG)
      Elevation - 725 (DWG)
      Steel Anchor - H0042 (DWG)
      Head - H3401 (DWG)
      Sill - H3404 (DWG)
      Intermediate Horizontal - H3405 (DWG)
      Roll Over Horizontal - H3408 (DWG)
      Roll Under Horizontal - H3409 (DWG)
      Horizontal at Operable Window - H3418 (DWG)
      Horizontal at Operable Window - H3419 (DWG)
      Shear Block Anchors - H3421 (DWG)
      F & T Mull Anchors - H3425 (DWG)
      F - Anchor at Perimeter - H3429-GG-Scale (DWG)
      F - Anchor at Perimeter - H3429-GG (DWG)
      F - Anchor at Perimeter - H3429 (DWG)
      Steel Reinforcing - H3430 (DWG)
      Splice Details - H3443 (DWG)
      Glazing Adapters - H3446 (DWG)
      Glass Option - H3448 (DWG)
      Head at Vision - H3501 (DWG)
      Sill at Vision - H3504 (DWG)
      Horizontal at Vison - H3505 (DWG)
      Roll Over Horizontal - H3508 (DWG)
      Roll Under Horizontal - H3509 (DWG)
      Horizontal at Operable Window - H3518 (DWG)
      Horizontal at Operable Window - H3519 (DWG)
      Open Back Jamb - V3401 (DWG)
      Mullion - V3402 (DWG)
      Heavy Mullion - V3405 (DWG)
      Tubular Jamb - V3408 (DWG)
      90 Outside Corner - V3415 (DWG)
      90 Inside Corner - V3417 (DWG)
      90 Degree Corner - V3421 (DWG)
      135 Degree Corner  - V3423 (DWG)
      90 Inside Corner - V3425 (DWG)
      135 Degree Inside Corner - V3427 (DWG)
      SSG Mullion - V3452 (DWG)
      SSG Mull at Transition - V3453 (DWG)
      SSG Mull - V3457 (DWG)
      SSG Mull at Operable Window - V3459 (DWG)
      SSG 90 Degree Outside Corner - V3471 (DWG)
      SSG 90 Degree Outside Corner - V3472 (DWG)
      SSG 135 Degree Outside Corner - V3473 (DWG)
      SSG 135 Degree Outside Corner - V3474 (DWG)
      SSG 90 Degree Inside Corner - V3475 (DWG)
      SSG 90 Degree Inside Corner - V3476 (DWG)
      Open Back Jamb - V3501 (DWG)
      Typical Mull - V3502 (DWG)
      Heavy Mull at Vision - V3505 (DWG)
      Tubular Jamb - V3508 (DWG)
      90 Degree OSC at Vision - V3515 (DWG)
      90 Degree OSC at Vision - V3517 (DWG)
      90 Degree OSC at Vision - V3521 (DWG)
      135 Degree OSC at Vision - V3523 (DWG)
      90 ISC at Vision - V3525 (DWG)
      135 ISC at Vision - V3527 (DWG)
      SSG Mullion - V3552 (DWG)
      SSG Mullion at Captured - V3553 (DWG)
      SSG Mullion  - V3557 (DWG)
      SSG Mullion at Operable Window - V3559 (DWG)
      90 OSC at Vision - V3571 (DWG)
      90 OSC at Spandrel - V3572 (DWG)
      135 OSC at Vision -  V3573 (DWG)
      135 OSC at Spandrel - V3574 (DWG)
      90 ISC at Vision - V3575 (DWG)
      90 ISC at Spandrel - V3576 (DWG)

    2-1/2" x 6-1/4" / 2-1/2" x 7-1/2" –FRP Pressure Plate- Captured -1" GlazingPDF icon Rcw-FRP-625-750-November2017.pdfPackage icon

    • Elev-RcwFRP-625 (DWG)
      H3201-Head-Horizontal (DWG)
      H3204-Sill-Horizontal (DWG)
      H3205-Typical-Horizontal (DWG)
      H3208-Roll-Over-Horiz (DWG)
      H3209-Roll-Under-Horiz (DWG)
      H3218-Pocket-Frame-OperWin (DWG)
      H3219-Flat-FrameOperWin (DWG)
      V3201-Jamb-OpnBk-Vision (DWG)
      V3202-Vertical-Mullion (DWG)
      V3205-Vertical-Heavy-Mullion (DWG)
      V3208-Jamb-Mullion-Tubular (DWG)
      V3217-90-ISC-2mull (DWG)
      V3221-90-Outside-Corner (DWG)
      Elev-RcwFRP-750 (DWG)
      H3101-Head-Horizontal (DWG)
      H3104-Sill-Horizontal (DWG)
      H3105-Typical-Horizontal (DWG)
      H3108-Roll-Over-Horiz (DWG)
      H3109-Roll-Under-Horiz (DWG)
      H3118-Pocket-Frame-OperWin (DWG)
      H3119-Flat-FrameOperWin (DWG)
      V3101-Jamb-OpnBk-Vision (DWG)
      V3102-Vertical-Mullion (DWG)
      V3105-Vertical-Heavy-Mullion (DWG)
      V3108-Jamb-Mullion-Tubular (DWG)
      V3117-90-ISC-2mull (DWG)
      V3121-90-Outside-Corner (DWG)
      H0042-Steel-Anchor (DWG)
      H3146-Spandrel-Options (DWG)
      H3148-Vision-Options (DWG)
      H3421-ShrBlk-Anchors (DWG)
      H3425-F-T-Mull-Anchors (DWG)
      H3430-Steel-Reinf (DWG)
      H3443-Mullion-Splice (DWG)

    Reliance™ SpecificationsFile spec_reliance_oct2014.rtf

    Structural Charts

    Reliance™ Structural ChartPDF icon View PDF


    • Reliance™ FRP Installation Manual(PDF)
    • Reliance™ Installation Manual(PDF)
    • Reliance™ Sell Sheet(PDF)