Our ArmorGarde™ and ArmorGarde™ Plus safety glass are laminated glass with proprietary makeups that work together to deliver the confidence you need to secure what matters most.

Available in both monolithic and insulating glass units, ArmorGarde™ and ArmorGarde™ Plus are ideal for both retrofit and new construction to delay entry in a variety of applications. Designed and tested with our ArmorDefend™ and ArmorDefend™ Plus storefront and entrance systems, you get single-sourced, forced-entry-resistant glass and glazing systems that are strong to the core and ready to resist.


Safety and Burglary

Applications [+][-]

Strong enough to protect what matters most. Flexible enough for a variety of applications.

Education. Healthcare. Retail. Office. Just a few of the segments where owners can trust what they value to ArmorGarde™. Whether in our complete ArmorDefend™ system, where the glass and metal are tested together, or in retrofit applications, ArmorGarde™ and ArmorGarde™ Plus can be installed to add security and delay forced-entry.

Capabilities [+][-]

ArmorGarde™ and ArmorGarde™ Plus glass allows you to customize your level of security with two enhanced security level options. Features include:

  • Various tints and Low-E coatings
  • Laminated glass with proprietary makeup provides improved sound reduction and protection from harmful UV rays
  • 1″ or greater insulating glass units
  • Monolithic and insulating glass units for retrofit applications

Glass Colors [+][-]

ArmorGarde™ and ArmorGarde™ Plus can be fabricated using various glass types, including low-E, clear or tinted to achieve desired aesthetics and/or to improve solar control and thermal performance.

Performance [+][-]

Whether for a school or a hospital, a retrofit or a new building, our forced-entry-resistant glass, ArmorGarde™, and our complete glazing system, ArmorDefend™containing our ArmorGarde™ or ArmorGarde™ Plus glass, are tested to, and above, recognized industry standards so you can specify and install with confidence.

To ensure resistance to forced entry, independent, certified labs test our glass and glazing systems together using industry-recognized standards so you can have confidence in the products you specify.

We rely on the industry-recognized ASTM F1233 standard, where higher classes resist more challenging impacts, when testing our products. This standard tests glazing resistance to items like ball-peen hammers, pipes and extinguishers.

ASTM F1233 
ArmorGarde™: Class 1.4 HG3 (9mm handgun) | ArmorGarde™ Plus: Class 1.4 HG3 (9mm handgun)

To help our customers compare our products with other similar products in the market, we have also tested to 5-aa1, which measures time to failure for glazing impacted by common items like bricks, bats and sledgehammers.

ArmorGarde™: 6 minutes, 43 seconds | ArmorGarde™ Plus: 13 minutes, 8 seconds (Lab technician unable to continue due to exhaustion)

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