Zero Sightline 2750


The 2750 is designed to accommodate the desire for fresh air ventilation without the sightline of a conventional inserted aluminum window, allowing the end user all of the benefits of a commercial window without compromising the aesthetics of the building. The window is specifically designed to be inserted into storefront and curtain wall framing.

  • Frame: 3” depth
  • Sightline 1-3/8”
  • Tubular sash
  • CW insert and flat back perimeter frames
  • Sash is corner-keyed, sealed and hydraulically staked
  • Replaceable, high quality compression seals
  • Stainless steel four-bar hinges
  • High quality cam and multi-point locks
  • In-house anodized and organic finishes
  • Air Infiltration: <.10 CFM/sq.ft. (6.24 PSF) per ASTM E283
  • Static Water: 15 PSF per ASTM E331
  • Deflection Load: +/-60 PSF per ASTM E330
  • Structural Load +/- 90 PSF per ASTM E33
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    Zero Sightline 2750: AccessoriesPDF icon zs_2750_accessories_cad.pdfPackage icon

    • Bead Options (DWG)
      Flat Screens (DWG)
      Wicket Screens (1 of 3) (DWG)
      Wicket Screens (2 of 3) (DWG)
      Wicket Screens (3 of 3) (DWG)

    Zero Sightline 2750: OC001PDF icon zs_2750_oc001_cad.pdfPackage icon

    • Outswinging Casement-OC001 (DWG)

    Zero Sightline 2750: OCCWPDF icon zs_2750_occw_cad.pdfPackage icon

    • Outswinging Casement-OCCW (DWG)

    Zero Sightline 2750: OP001PDF icon zs_2750_op001_cad.pdfPackage icon

    • Outswinging Projected-OP001 (DWG)

    Zero Sightline 2750: OPCWPDF icon zs_2750_opcw_cad.pdfPackage icon

    • Outswinging Projected-OPCW (DWG)


    • Zero Sightline 2750 Product Data(PDF)