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BMS 3000 Walkway Solarium/Ridge Walkway

BMS-3000 Walkway Solarium/Ridge Walkway

Our Walkway and Solarium skylights provide for maximum daylighting and aesthetic appeal. They feature BMS-3000 framing on slopes and verticals and are available with and without end walls.

BMS-3000 Segmented Dome

This dome skylight features low or full rise segmentation and is available with rafter depths ranging from 4″ to 12″.

BMS 3000 Vault

BMS-3000 Segmented Vault

Our Segmented Vault features BMS-3000 framing in configurations from low rise to full half round.

BMS 3000 Single Slope End Walls

BMS-3000 Single Slope with End Walls

This is our Single Slope skylight coupled with BMS-3000 framed end walls.

BMS 3000 Single Slope

BMS-3000 Single Slope

Our single slope skylight offers a wide variety of pitches, lengths and widths, with framing depths from 2-1/2″ to 12″.

BMS 3000 Hipped End Ridge

BMS-3000 Hipped End Ridge

This is a hipped version of our BMS-3000 Ridge Skylight. Corners are 45° in plan view and available pitches range from 4:12 to 12:12.

BMS 3000 Ridge

BMS-3000 Ridge

BMS-3000 Ridge can accommodate pitches of 4:12 and greater and is available with and without end walls.

BMS 3000 Polygon

BMS-3000 Polygon

BMS-3000 Polygon can accommodate symmetrical geometric shapes with 5 or more sides.

BMS 3000 Pyramid

BMS-3000 Pyramid

BMS-3000 Pyramid offers three or four-sided geometry, with framing depths available from 2-1/2″ to 12″ depending on span and loading.