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Blast Resistant Glass

Blast Resistant Glass

Blast-resistant laminated glass is an excellent glazing choice in all types of buildings that may be subjected to bomb blasts.

Hurricane Resistant StormGlass

Hurricane Resistant StormGlass™

In independent testing, StormGlass™ met test requirements for large glass sizes up to 50 square feet. That means the freedom to design larger glazed openings while meeting the most stringent building codes for hurricane resistance.



Laminated glass allows great flexibility for decorative glass. Many different effects can be created by deliberately adding other interlayers to the laminate.

Architectural Glass Sound Control

Sound Control

Sound-dampening inter-layers reduce noise levels by up to 50%. Ideal for airport applications or any building in cities or near highways.

Seismic Earthquakes

Seismic Earthquakes

Laminated glass lites are typically manufactured with annealed, heat-strengthened or fully tempered glass.

Safety and Burglary


ArmorGarde™ and ArmorGarde™ Plus laminated glass with proprietary makeups can be installed to add security and delay forced-entry in a variety of applications.

Safety and Burglary

Safety & Burglary

Laminated safety glass is a multifunctional glazing material that when impacted, typically breaks safely and remains an integral part of the opening.

Overhad Glazing

Overhead Glazing

Laminated is preferred for overhead glazing when glass slopes >15º from the vertical; it can also be fabricated as a component of our Point-Supported Canopy Systems.

Light and Solar Control

Light & Solar Control

Laminated architectural glass may be designed to reduce solar energy transmittance, control glare and screen out ultraviolet (UV) radiation.

Forced Entry, ArmorProtect

Forced Entry, ArmorProtect®

ArmorProtect® is used where glazing is required to resist penetration for some considerable time, typically measured in minutes rather than seconds.

Bullet Resistant, ArmorResist

Bullet Resistant, ArmorResist®

Laminated glass can be designed to resist attacks by a wide range of weapons.