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ArmorGarde and ArmorDefend single-sourced, forced-entry-resistant glass and glazing systems
Practically impenetrable.

To ensure resistance to forced entry, independent, certified labs test our glass and glazing systems together using industry-recognized standards–so you can have confidence in the products you specify.

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So why choose us to protect what matters most?

We attempt to destroy all our products to prove a point: just how indestructible they are. To ensure that each system offers the highest level of delayed forced entry, we’re the only company that tests our frame, entrance and glass together against multiple attacks to industry-recognized standards.
ArmorGarde and ArmorGarde Plus glass: Our laminated glass with proprietary makeup remain an
integral part of the system after impact. Available in both monolithic and insulating glass units, ArmorGarde™ and ArmorGarde™ Plus are ideal for both retrofit and new construction to delay entry in a variety of applications.
ArmorDefend and ArmorDefend Plus glazing systems: ArmorGarde™ and ArmorGarde™ Plus are designed and tested with our ArmorDefend™ and ArmorDefend™ Plus storefront and entrance systems to provide single-sourced, forced-entry-resistant glass and glazing systems that are strong to the core and ready to resist.

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