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SecureOne Shield.

Our glass shields and partitions don't just safeguard, they enhance. Custom designs seamlessly integrate into any interior space - providing an extra layer of protection against airborne aerosols.

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So why choose us for solutions to safeguard?

You Dream It, We Design It: Our glass shields and partitions don't just safeguard, they enhance. No matter the space, we collaborate to combine our endless glass fabrication options with numerous CRL hardware styles and finishes to bring your ideas to life. We believe our safeguards should be as unique as the spaces in which they live.
Convenience: Custom solutions with short lead times mean you can update your space quickly. Crafted in the USA and powered by our network of locations across North America, we're within 500 miles of every major metropolitan area for rapid deployment.
Craftmanship: Designed for long-term resilience, SecureOne Shield is scratch resistant, nonporous, and easy-to-clean due to its makeup of durable, Safety Glazing Certification Council, or SGCC-certified glass.

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