Architectural Windows Product Categories

Signature Series 3375 Fixed


Fixed windows provide optimal thermal performance and security. In addition to our dedicated fixed products, most of our operable windows are also avalible in fixed versions for maximum versatility.
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Signature Series 3375


Projected windows are hinged from the top and usually swing outward (sometimes called “awning” style) or hinged from the bottom and swing inward (called “hopper” style). Projected windows offer a superior barrier to air and water infiltration.
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Signature Series Lap


Casement windows are hinged from the side and swing either inward or outward depending on application. Casement windows offer a superior barrier to air and water infiltration.
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Vertical Hung


The classic vertical sliding operable window is an example of a hung window, ideal for minimizing footprint and maximizing durability.
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Horizontally Stackable

Horizontally Stackable

These products feature interlocking or shared vertical framing members to allow for a continuous “ribbon window” appearance. May be used in window wall applications with or without the use of a receptor system.
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Zero Sightline HT

Zero Sightline Vent

Our line of zero sightline operable windows are designed to be inserted into curtain wall, storefront or window wall openings to provide a means of ventilation.
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Pinnacle Series 66P


Our specialty window products offer unique solutions to real world needs.
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Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope® is a leader
in the engineering and manufacturing of architectural and heavy commercial windows.

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So why choose us as your window supplier?

Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope® is a leader in the design, engineering and manufacturing of both custom and standard architectural and heavy commercial windows. Our ability to translate the most complex window designs leveraging our unique engineering and manufacturing capabilities is unequaled. In fact, on a recent project, Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope® was brought in to design, engineer and manufacture custom windows when another manufacturer could not execute.
Modified Standard: We offer many standard models that have the ability to be modified to suit a project’s needs. Our complete product range includes traditional operable and fixed window models as well as windows for blast-resistant, hurricane-resistant and historical applications.
Custom-engineering: Due to our unique ability to create complex custom architectural windows, we are brought in to partner at the earliest stages of design. We work closely with architects and designers to deliver the desired aesthetic while delivering maximum performance. What’s more, we control the entire manufacturing process. We start with raw aluminum billet and glass, and end with architectural windows.
Unmatched Quality: Our innovative approach includes offering some of the best engineering expertise in the industry for architects to rely on, as well as our experience and knowledge in handling the most complex custom projects—every step of the way. We incorporate leading-edge technologies and best practices to meet your needs.
Architectural Glass: Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope® is the only company that also custom manufactures glass so not only can we stand behind the total system, but we have the ability to test the window and glass to ensure it meets critical performance requirements.
Signature Series Lap

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