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Oldcastle Glass® Receives California Department of Corrections Approval

Santa Monica, CA – (March 3, 2005) — Oldcastle Glass®, North America’s largest supplier of architectural glass products and services, has passed the necessary product testing and plant inspections to obtain approval from the California Department of Corrections (CDC).

Oldcastle Glass® ArmorProtect™ Plus and ArmorResist™ Plus products have passed the CDC’s tests, which include forced entry and ballistics testing. Oldcastle Glass® is now an approved supplier of glass for all areas of the detention facility, including cell windows, doors, day rooms, and even control rooms which require the highest level of forced-entry and ballistic protection.

“This is exciting for us because passing the California Department of Corrections testing process is a testament to the quality of our security glazing products and manufacturing processes,” says Pam Moser, Security Product Manager at Oldcastle Glass®. “In addition, we have two locations in California, Los Angeles and Fremont, which offers improved order lead times to satisfy replacement glass demand.”

Oldcastle Glass® delivers directly to most areas in California on its own dedicated trucks. “This is a significant benefit to the CDC, because facility managers will not have to rely on deliveries on a common carrier, which can take longer than our direct delivery system,” continues Moser. The company’s manufacturing facilities in Los Angeles and Fremont will also provide the CDC with quick and easy access to products and technical services.

ArmorResist™ Plus and ArmorProtect™ Plus are a family of multi-ply laminates combining the scratch resistance and durability of glass with the toughness of one or more core layers of polycarbonate. These polycarbonates are made with an ultra clear interlayer that delivers impact strength up to 250 times stronger than that of glass.

California is the only state to have its own correctional facilities glazing standard, and many California architects use the CDC standard as a guide in their specifications. All glass products must be pre-approved by the CDC to be installed in the state’s prison system. Certification must be maintained with regular inspections, testing, and manufacturing plant certification by an independent authority approved by the CDC.

About Oldcastle Glass® – Oldcastle Glass® has a strong reputation for its quality service and innovative glass products. Some of the most high-profile architectural installations in North America feature Oldcastle Glass®, including the Getty Center, the William J. Clinton Presidential Library, The Hawaii Convention Center and the Glass Cauldron created for the 2002 Winter Games in Salt Lake City. Oldcastle Glass® is a U.S. subsidiary of CRH plc, a leading international building materials and products company based in Dublin, Ireland.

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