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Oldcastle Glass® Provides Virtually Limitless Possibilities in Decorative Glass

Santa Monica, CA – ( May 26, 2005) — Oldcastle Glass®, North America’s largest supplier of architectural glass products and services, announces the launch of Montage™ Visual Effects Glass, a revolutionary new decorative glazing concept. This exciting new product enables architects and designers to create unique custom effects by combining a wide variety of standard designs and technologies, resulting in an almost limitless range of visual possibilities.

Montage™ Visual Effects Glass lets architects and designers mix and match custom-colored coatings, designer silk-screened patterns, textured pattern glass (from bold geometrics to subtle motifs), and even unique rice paper designs into their own vision. Even with all these options, each effect also stands independently on its own. Unlike traditional decorative glazing, Montage™ Visual Effects Glass utilizes a variety of highly advanced and systemized manufacturing processes so it can be matched to any project with overall consistency.

“Montage™ Visual Effects Glass allows architects and designers greater flexibility for decorative glass,” says Bob Berleth, President, Central Region, of Oldcastle Glass®. “Now many different effects can be combined and customized to make each particular project unique. We are proud of the Montage™ concept, and we are committed to extending the boundaries of glass in architecture.”

About Oldcastle Glass® – Oldcastle Glass® has a strong reputation for its quality service and innovative glass products. Some of the most high-profile architectural installations in North America feature Oldcastle Glass®, including the Getty Center, the William J. Clinton Presidential Library, The Hawaii Convention Center and the Glass Cauldron created for the 2002 Winter Games in Salt Lake City. Oldcastle Glass® is a U.S. subsidiary of CRH plc, a leading international building materials and products company based in Dublin, Ireland.

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