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Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope® Features products, BIM IQ Render™ and the Embodied Energy Project at Greenbuild 2015

Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope® will exhibit as a platinum sponsor at this year’s Greenbuild International Conference and Expo November 18-20, 2015 in Washington DC at the Washington Convention Center, booth number 1501. In addition to introducing new leading-edge technology applications and featuring their portfolio of products, Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope®—in partnership with Columbia University’s Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation (GSAPP)—will showcase a map of Washington DC to highlight the embodied energy from all of the city’s buildings.

GSAPP will present a map comparison of Preliminary Embodied Energy between Manhattan, NY and Washington, DC. Embodied energy – defined as the sum of all energy required to produce, transport, assemble and dispose of any product or building element –is an important feature of architecture, but it is currently not well documented. As cities explore sustainable development and redevelopment through new construction and renovation, embodied energy could be transformed to a critical design element of resources and materiality.

Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope® will also feature Curtain Wall, Thermal Door and Storefront products at Greenbuild: Reliance Cassette Curtain Wall and RelianceStormMax® High-Performance Curtain Wall System, designed for Essential Facilities; Reliance-HTC curtain wall system and the AD-375 Thermal Door meet the demands for more stringent thermal performance criteria and the Series 3000 XT (2 “x 4-1/2″) and Series 6000 XT (2″ x 6”) storefront products, combine superior thermal performance with the simplicity and convenience of a standard storefront.

Greenbuild attendees will have the opportunity to demo the new BIM IQ Render and BIM IQ Energy applications with ongoing demonstrations at the Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope® booth #1501. With BIM IQ Render, architects can create 100% physically accurate renderings, and make changes almost instantly, while the data embedded beneath the rendering remains just as accurate. BIM IQ Energy provides robust building product performance feedback to better inform a designer of product selection ramifications during design phases when changes are still affordable to adjust.

About Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope® Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope® is the leading supplier of products specified to close the building envelope, including custom-engineered curtain wall and window wall, architectural windows, storefront systems, doors, and skylights. Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope® is a subsidiary of CRH plc, one of the world’s top three international building products companies.

Contact: Susan Trimble, VP Marketing