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Design Intentionally with OBE360 at A’23 in San Francisco

In an ever-changing market with increasing strain on budgets, labor and timelines, project teams remain challenged to deliver effective designs while meeting project constraints. As architects work diligently to design spaces that function and advance the safety, health, equity, and sustainability of the built world, a supportive project team is critical to ensure success.

“We understand that a project’s success can often be  established in the early stages as the design team begins to map out the project’s intent,” says Billy Strait, Vice President of Architectural Business Development for Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope. “This is why early engagement in a design-assist model can be so powerful in ensuring that all parties are aligned on the project goals, timelines, budgets and solutions are brought forth and evaluated early to achieve the design intent and avoid costly and timely changes later on in the project.”

Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope provides project teams access to OBE360, a dedicated team of experts for design-assist projects, to ensure this balance between all parties is met and that all project decisions are aligned with design intent.

Showcasing this design journey, the OBE360 team will be alongside OBE’s architectural support team at the American Institute of Architects (AIA) Conference on Architecture, A’23, in San Francisco this June. The team offers a suite of service solutions to support architects throughout their design. From full-service design-assist to design consultation and access to support and design tools.

“Our goal is to be a resource for the design team when they need us,” continued Strait. “This can be from day one with full design-assist solutions, or throughout the project to consult on project parameters that maintain design goals or providing services such as structural analysis.”

The team will be showcasing one of those tools, SystemSelectTM, at A’23, showing architects how they can run thermal analysis on complete glass and glazing systems on demand as they’re working through project designs. This on-demand tool is cloud-based and doesn’t require any installed programs or software and is self-service so architects can access it any time as they’re working through their project design to assess the thermal performance of their projects as they swap in various systems and glass types.

Learn more about OBE360 and the tools and services available to help architects design intentionally by visiting OBE at Booth #1133 and signing up for continuing education courses in OBE’s learning lounge #1239LL.

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