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Natomas Library | Sacramento, CA

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Brian Maytum, Principal-in-Charge
Nacht + Lewis


Louis McCumber, President
McCumber’s Glass, Inc.

OBE Expert

Ben West, Technical Sales Demand Team Manager
Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope®

Project Details

In updating the North Natomas Sacramento Public Library, a 22,645 square-foot joint-use public library owned by the City of Sacramento and the Natomas Unified School District, central design goals were to incorporate natural light and to ensure the project met requirements set in place by California’s Division of State Architects.

The design incorporates many high performance features that promote sustainability, most notably, the use of controlled natural light that enters through rooftop windows as a result of an “open-book” design. The design called for a sloped exterior curtain wall with custom extrusion adaptors and integrated shade fin extrusions.

“Our relationship with OBE is strong, and the in-house engineering department went above and beyond. OBE’s willingness to assist with unique details of non-standard conditions of the project helped us satisfy the state requirements.”

OBE helped us successfully detail complicated conditions of sloped corners and create custom shade fin adaptor extrusions.

Brian Maytum Principle-in-Charge
Nacht + Lewis

Project Details

“OBE was a critical partner in completing this unique project, as the curved curtain wall was out of the norm at the time. This project presented an engineering challenge, as with the unique angels, we needed to ensure the face gap was tied together correctly. OBE assisted with the architectural drawings and was able to determine exactly what materials and pieces would be needed. With OBE, we knew we were getting high quality products.”

When it came time to bring the design to life, McCumber’s Glass worked with the architect and OBE to create areas that allowed for natural light, while preventing heat gain. What stood out throughout the project was OBE’s willingness to listen and their expertise and drive in finding solutions.

OBE’s Reliance™ curtain wall system was installed with a wide variety of standard extrusions to enhance the exterior of the building with integrated shade devices. Clerestory windows featured translucent insulated panels to allow for daylight and prevent heat gain—outcomes also enabled by Low-E glazed windows installed throughout the building.

The OBE team continually conducted site visits, which was reassuring to us that this project was being completed with absolute attention to detail.

Louis McCumber President
McCumber's Glass, Inc.

Project Details

“The North Natomas Public Library encompasses a well thought out design that utilizes large open spaces to let in light, analogous with the ‘letting in of knowledge one attains with reading a book.’ The use of OBE curtain wall and storefront systems at first level walls and open clerestory areas was tastefully designed by Nacht + Lewis, implemented by OBE’s engineering team and installed by McCumber’s Glass. The glazing system was sent to our engineering team to finalize the coordination of the design submittals to satisfy the Department of State Architect review requirements. Due to our close working relationship with McCumber’s Glass through the years, we quickly finalized the project in our Modesto facility.”

The North Natomas Public Library project called for nearly 5,500 square-feet of curtain wall, storefront and entrances. OBE created custom Horizontal Projection Fins and walls that tilt to capture the solar heat, and at the same time allow in extra daylight—as natural light was an important feature element of the design. Working closely together, OBE was able to create a beautiful custom solution and meet the stringent engineering review requirements set forth by the Division of State Architect.

This project is a great example of the synergy created between an architect, general contractor, manufacturer and installer.

Ben West Technical Sales Demand Team Manager

5,500 sq. ft. of products used on Natomas Library

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